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E-Learning Services

C-DAC's Expertise

  • Implemented several R&D projects in the areas of mobile learning, personalized learning, adaptable & accessible e-learning for the differently abled etc

  • Developed e-learning products, solutions, tools and technologies

  • Implemented e-learning projects for several government departments, police academies/training institutes and research organizations

  • Offered training programmes in offline, online and blended mode

  • Developed online courses in emerging technologies


C-DAC's Offering

Based on the scope of the work, effective e-learning solutions can be developed focusing on improving the skills, behavior and performance of the learners. C-DAC offers various e-learning services which includes

  • Interact with the clients and gather the requirements

  • Prepare project proposals with scope of the work, deliverables, timelines, terms and conditions etc

  • Manage e-Learning projects

  • Develop customized e-learning solutions as per organization needs

  • Develop mobile based educational apps

  • Develop custom software/ICT solutions meeting end user needs

  • Integrate e-learning solution with 3rd party services/APIs

  • Generate custom reports as per organization needs

  • Security auditing of customized e-learning solution

  • Address security vulnerabilities and get safe to host certificate

  • Hosting of customized e-learning solution in C-DAC data centre

  • Support clients for hosting e-learning solution at client premises or NIC cloud environment

  • Onsite technical suport for e-learning project implementation

  • Offsite technical support

  • Conduct onsite or offsite training programmes on management & usage of e-learning solutions

  • Courses/content backup and restoration

  • Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for maintaining developed e-learning solutions

Use Cases
  • Offer capacity building programs in online mode

  • Offer blended learning programmes

  • Offer online training programmes

  • Offer online courses

  • Conduct online assessment and certification

Salient Features

E-Learning solution(s) can be developed including but not limited to following salient features

  • Indigeneous development in line with Aatmanirbhar Bharat

  • Support Indian languages

  • Online registration

  • Facility for bulk user registrations

  • Time bound courses

  • Offer paid and free courses

  • Support e-content formats namely HTML, PDF, MP4 videos, Youtube videos, SCORM ZIP, HTML Zip, external links

  • Email notification to users

  • Content access and usage statistics

  • Student performance tracking & reporting

  • Bulk uploading of questions

  • Assessment using single choice, multiple choice, true or false, sequencing, match the following

  • Self assessment practice quiz

  • Final quiz for formal grading

  • Assignments evaluation

  • Online certificate generation

  • Online certificate verification

  • Course specic analytics

  • View latest notications


Technical Specifications

  • HTML5 compliance
  • Support SCORM and QTI standards



Platform Required (if any)

  • Customized e-learning platform can be deployed on cloud environment, client server or C-DAC data centre as per the needs
  • Learners can use any standard web browser for accessing online courses hosted on e-learning platform


Contact Details for Techno Commercial Information

Joint Director
C-DAC Hyderabad
Email - mkumar@cdac.in
Phone - +91-40-295664859