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India - Namibia Centre of Excellence in IT at Namibia University of Science & Technology

C-DAC has setup the entire IT infrastructure and supply Course Material & Reference Books at IN-CEIT and deployed CDAC 5 Node Supercomputer PARAM-BILIM, trained Namibian Master Trainers on CDAC PG Diploma courses of six months and have deputed three experts at site for a period of two years.  On the other hand, Namibian side has provided building for IN-CEIT in NUST, local trainers and other staff and is managing its day-to-day operations apart from hosting C-DAC experts. IN-CEIT will not only develop capacity of staff in NUST but will also enable them to do research & Analysis in the domain of HPC deployed under the project. HPC Workshops were also conducted at NUST in Namibia and at CDAC in Namibia for the students, scientist and Govt. officials from Namibia.


Chief Investigator Details

Sh. Abhinav Dixit, abhinavd@cdac.in