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TrueTraveller v5.0 is a portable forensic kit and is a complete solution for performing digital forensics Seizure, Acquisition and Analysis. The kit includes a Laptop installed with digital forensics software tools and an integrated disk imaging hardware solution with battery backup. The kit can be easily carried out for on- location forensic investigations.

Salient Features
  • Easily portable kit with Trolley support
  • Disk imaging hardware tool capable of performing multi-tasking
  • SATA & USB ports for interfacing destination media
  • Includes Write Blockers for SATA, IDE, USB disks
  • Includes adapters for IDE, memory cards, m-SATA &-SATA disks
  • Includes Win-LiFT for Live forensics and Net Force Suite for Network forensics
  • Includes CyberCheck Suite for Disk Image Analysis and Advik for CDR Analysis
  • Includes hardware dongle for SIM card seizure and acquisition
  • Includes portable printer, scanner, camera, screw driver set ,torch and anti-static covers
Platform Required (if any)

Standalone unit.


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