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The system is a speech-based interface in native language to automate the information access by semi-literate or illiterate farmers (target users) of rural India and empower them to earn a better livelihood. The core of the application is a real-time, multiple pronunciation connected word Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) system that recognizes spoken district, commodity and mandi (market) names in native language over telephone channel. Based on this recognized district-commodity criteria, searching is done within a predesigned price database (crawled from AGMARKNET website, managed by Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India) to get the market wise latest modal price which is then played back to the end user. The users just need to dial a specific telephone number and speak into the system in native language (only district name and commodity name) to place the request and know its price.

Use Cases
  • Weather forecasting
  • Voice enabled Railway travel enquiry system
  • Health informatics
  • Tourist guide 
Salient Features
  • Remote access via mobile or landline phone, no need of computers and internet
  • Easy to use: support Voice query and response, no need to type or touch
  • 24 x 7 hrs Automated Service, no more waiting for reply from manual operators
  • Mother tongue support, Bi-lingual (Bangla & English) prompts for better usability
  • Helpful for illiterate and visually impaired farmers

Technical Specifications

  • Voice enabled interface to interact with the end user, placing spoken query and generating ultimate response.
  • Computer Telephony Interface (CTI) for collection, storage and transmission of speech data within different modules.
  • ASR engine to recognize the district, commodity and mandi names in Bengali language as spoken by the user.
  • Spoken language corpus collected from about 3000 farmers in all districts of West Bengal state to train the ASR engine.
  • Transcription of the collected speech data using a in-house designed Semi Automatic Speech Transcription Tool
  • Information repository of district and market names, commodity names, their varieties and date wise prices maintained in MySQL database as fetched from the AGMARNET website by an automatic Web Crawler



Platform Required (if any)


  • Linux Operating System
  • Asterisk Gateway Interface (AGI)
  • External resources: MySQL, http,



  • ISDN-PRI / E1 Channel
  • PRI Modem (ASMi-52)
  • Asterisk Server
  • Sangoma A101 CTI Card


Contact Details for Techno Commercial Information

Advance Signal Processing Group, Speech Processing Section

Mr. Joyanta Basu

Email: joyanta.basu[at]cdac[dot]in