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(Teleprompter for anchors and news readers)

In anchor-based programmes like news, it is possible that the presenter or anchor of the programme might not remember his/her lines. At such critical moments a Multiprompter Pro can be of utmost importance.

An anchor can maintain eye contact with the camera or live audience; feel confident and present the programme in his/her natural way. This helps grab the attention and interest of the viewers.

Multiprompter Pro system consists of:

  1. Means to compose and scroll the text and
  2. Monitor system to display the text to be read.

Salient Features
  • Supports all Indian languages
  • Edits story items in the Script Sequence, without disturbing the Prompter Output
  • Changes the text with on-the-fly update for anchor
  • Font, Font Size / Foreground & Background colours can be changed on the fly
  • The sequence of stories in the TP Script can be interchanged
  • Scroll Speed control from TP speed control Pad, Mouse or Wireless control.
  • Unlimited text storage facility
  • MOS Compliant and can communicate News Room Server via MOS Protocol

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