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LIPS Live - Language Independent Programme Subtitles On-Air

CDAC-GIST has been a pioneer in the area of multilingual media and broadcast. In the area of multi-lingual broadcast and TV, GIST products are visible everywhere: banners, scrollers, news-room automation tools, tele-prompters for the news-readers, to name only a few.

LIPS Live is the pioneering technology designed and developed by the GIST team of C-DAC that will enable Television Broadcasters to display subtitles on air. It consists of a multilingual creation station or editor with auto time-coding and overlaying facility.

LIPS Live brings the power of multi-lingual sub-titling direct into your homes by facilitating on the fly digital subtitling instead of the cumbersome process of working with tape. Earlier videos with subtitles had to be stored onto the tapes for each channel, but now on the fly subtitle overlaying can be done for any channel.

Broadcasters can easily integrate it with video automation system and enhance their work flows as no tapes or manual intervention will be required. This cost effective solution will encourage broadcasters to telecast more and more programs with subtitles passing the benefit to the viewers. Broadcasters reach and thus the viewership will be enhanced multifold.

Salient Features
  • Truly Multilingual - supports all languages.
  • Supports Playout Automation systems and Subtitle protocols.
  • Generates high-resolution subtitles with specially designed fonts for video.
  • Online subtitle creation and auto time coding facility.
  • Preview with online editing of subtitles.
  • Simultaneous video editing and subtitle overlaying.
  • Searching scene through Subtitle.
  • Frame stepping for precision time coding.
  • Flexible On-screen positioning
  • Support all video standards.
  • Digital Interface – SD/HD SDI.
  • Fully automated (No manual intervention).
  • File based work flow (Tape less).
  • Video by-pass on power failure and watch-dog.

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