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ISARA: Indian Sign lAnguage gRammar compAnion

eLearning Tool based on Indian Sign Language using Parts of Speech is a unique application software developed by C-DAC, Kolkata in collaboration with ERC of AYJNISHD.

Here commonly used English word’s meaning and its usage in a sentence in the form of different parts of speech are demonstrated using Indian Sign Language.                                                                                   

ISARA is deployable for special schools with Hearing Impaired children.

Use Cases
  • The finished product is used by hearing impaired along with normal students.
  • It is used for educational purposes as well as for communication purposes.
  • The product acts as a reference for trainers and other students who interact with hearing impaired students on daily basis.
  • Hearing impaired students may use it to communicate or learn.
  • As the deliverables are both mobile and web based application, it can be used anywhere anytime by the prospective users.
Salient Features
  • An e-Learning Software based on parts of  speech from grammar for English and Bengali.
  • Covering main parts of speech like noun, verb, adjective, etc.
  • Contents based on text and signs (Indian Sign Language) for more than 1000 words.
  • Standalone and web based application development (desktop, browser and mobile ).
  • Targeting for normal and hearing impaired in one platform.
Technical Specifications

  • ISARA as desktop, web and mobile version
  • Easy user interface



Platform Required (if any)


OS: Windows 7/8/10; Ram: 4GB or more; HDD: 40 GB or more   

OS: Android; Ram: 4GB or more; Internal Storage: 4GB or more

Browser: Chrome; Firefox; Internet Explorer


Contact Details for Techno Commercial Information

Advanced Signal Processing Group

Email: kunal[dot]chanda[at]cdac[dot]in