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ICT Solution for India’s Northeast Heritage

ICT Solutions is a portal that serves digital platform to preserve, protect, disseminate and promote any organization’s requirements. There are around 30+ museums in the NE states and basically providing solution to digitize, document, preserve, protect and promote NE heritage that is available in museums, monuments and tourist destinations. 

C-DAC Silchar has developed an online northeastern crafts portal which is made to preserve the heritage of handicrafts and handloom sector of North East of India. It showcases the artisans, weavers & products of NE states of India. This is a platform for sustainable economic growth by promoting the local artisans, helping artisans, weavers and entrepreneurs of North East to find markets for their products in the country and abroad. 



Contact Details for Techno Commercial Information

Dr. YumnumKirani Singha, Principal Technical Officer, SWT Group, C-DAC