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DARPAN Series 3 (S3) Network Management System

The Network Management System (DARPAN S3 NMS) is a policy based autonomic network and cloud management suite of solutions for heterogeneous multi-vendor IP networks and developed is based on ITU -T recommended FCAPS Model which includes the following areas:

a) Fault management
b) Configuration management
c) Accounting management
d) Performance management
e) Security management

Use Cases

A hassle free administration of networks through unified visibility and control of network with the help of feature rich dashboards. The management portfolio of the system spans across Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance and Security.

Salient Features
  • Resource Discovery
  • Network Topology       
  • Asset Management        
  • Configuration Management      
  • Performance Management       
  • Fault Management        
  • Traffic Analysis              
  • SLA Management            
  • Report Generation      

Platform Required (if any)

Basic - Red Hat Linux Enterprise Edition/ Cent OS 6.x, 8GB RAM, 500GB HDD
Large Enterprise- Red Hat Linux Enterprise Edition/Cent OS 6.x, 16 GB RAM, 500GB HDD
Large Enterprise - Red Hat Linux Enterprise Edition/ Cent OS 6.x, 32GB RAM, 1TB HDD


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