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CyberCheckLite is a portable forensic computer seizure tool. It has built-in Previewing, Hashing and Imaging of computer system in both offline and online condition. CyberCheckLite comes with a bootable forensic Windows Operating System, which write-blocks the suspect system's storage media. In online mode, it's capable of imaging RAM as well as hard disk. Without a separate write-blocker, computers can be seized using CyberCheckLite USB drive.

Salient Features
  • Bootable USB with forensic Windows Operating System
  • Offline as well as online seizure of suspect system
  • Imaging and hashing of suspect media
  • RAM image capture in online mode
  • Separate hardware based write-blocker is not needed
  • Forensic preview support for disks and partitions
  • Powerful search facility
  • Provides plethora of search options for the investigating officer to ensure that he never misses any data. It has multiple keyword search, GREP search, file search based on hash values and Unicode search to find the data in any language.
  • File data carving from ambient space.
  • Picture, Gallery, Timeline and Text/Hex views.
  • Integrated Mailbox, Internet History and Registry viewers.
  • Anti-forensics tools and activities detection.
  • Steganography file detection and extraction of hidden messages.
  • Hibernate file analysis.
  • Log and Event log analysis.
  • Browser Forensics.
  • Prefetch analysis

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