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C-DAC's Medical informatics SDK for DICOM

C-DAC’s Medical Informatics Standards Software Development Kit for DICOM is a FOSS toolkit for applications/ medical devices to comply with NEMA’s DICOM PS3.0-2015 Standard. It is a rapid application development tool that provides a high return on investment through cost-effective implementation of the standard.

Complete set of supported IODs and DIMSE Services

Toolkit provides a comprehensive implementation of all standard-defined IODs with supported transfer syntaxes. It also has complete support for all Composite and Normalized services defined in the standard. This enables developers to build DICOM-defined SCU/ SCP components for any required set of IODs for a required set of transfer syntaxes. The toolkit is provided as a pre-built set of SKUs of a combination of DIMSE Services and IODs.

Use Cases

•    Facilitate compliance with NEMA’s DICOM PS3.0-2015 Standard
•    Support to all standard define datatypes, sequences, macros, and IODs
•    Parsing and serialization of DICOM file as per part 10 DICOM specification
•    Manipulation of data using Dataset and/or IOD data model approach
•    Service Class User and Service Class Provider components of SOP classes
•    Support to Content Mapping Resource
•    Support to Security Profile and Media Storage Application Profiles

Salient Features

•    Easy to use Object-Oriented implementation of NEMA’s DICOM PS3.0-2015 Standard
•    Free & Open Source Software (FOSS) under Apache Licensev2.0
•    Allows customization or extension by implementing provided interfaces
•    Comprehensive Error/Warning Logging capability to assist debugging
•    Set of API Documentation
•    Sample test codes to demonstrate the capabilities of SDK
•    Ready to run Command Line Utilities
•    Single file format accommodating textual and imaging information.
•    Source Code of SDK and also for Utilities
•    Provides API framework for JAVA platform
•    Readme and Help document to give assistance to the user while using SDK

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HPC - Medical and Bioinformatics Applications (HPC-MBA) Group
C-DAC Innovation Park, Panchavati, Pashan, Pune - 411008
Phone: 020-25503271
Email: sdk-enq[AT]