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Automatic Language and Speaker Identification from Conversational speech in North East Indian languages

The solution of Automated Language and Speaker Identification system from conversational speech data in North-East Indian languages is deployed at the NE based security agency premises. Solution includes modules for following three major components.

  1. Speaker Segmentation: segmenting, separating silence, non-speech and speaker specific speech parts from conversational speech
  2. Language Identification (LID): Identifies the language(s) spoken in the speaker specific speech parts within already trained 14 NE Indian languages (Angami, Ao, Assamese, Bodo, Garo, Khasi, Konyak, Kuki, Lotha, Manipuri, Mizo, Nagamese, Sumi, Thankul) spoken in North East states.
  3. Automatic Speaker Identification (ASI): Enrolls new speaker and Identifies (label) the Speaker on availability of enrolled speakers’ voice profiles.

Use Cases
  • Surveillance
  • Information retrieval
  • Immigration
  • Forensic investigations 
Salient Features
  • Individual processing for spoken language and speaker Identification
  • Works for two speakers’ conversations and also on single speaker's speech (without Speaker Segmentation)
  • Performs on speech data of different environments, medium noise level
  • Tested on real time conversation data from NE based security agency
  • Cross language matching: Authenticate speakers speaking in different languages

Technical Specifications

  • Report generation page for showing LID & ASI results in tabular form for ease of interpretation
  • Maintenance of date-time wise logs of tests and reports in backend database for further usage and records
  • Simple user interface with viewable module wise processing for novice users



Platform Required (if any)


  • Microsoft Windows 10 and above

For remote access                 

  • Linux Operating System
  • Asterisk Gateway Interface (AGI)
  • PHP
  • MySQL


  •  Standard desktops one good quality noise cancelling microphone

For remote access

  • ISDN-PRI / E1 Channel
  • Asterisk Server


Contact Details for Techno Commercial Information

Advance Signal Processing Group, Speech Processing Section

Mr. Joyanta Basu

Email: joyanta.basu[at]cdac[dot]in

Phone No.: 033-2357-9846, Ext: 226 (O)